Helios Applied Systems has developed and patented advance fabrication technology to build free form nano/micro-structures. Different Micro/Nano-optical elements can be designed and integrated on the same layer to miniaturize current macro optical systems. Other applications of this technology includes arraying specially designed optical elements on large surface areas. An example of monotonically arrayed micro-structures on a flat substrate is illustrated below.

In this demonstration upright Plano-convex lens was fabricated on a flat substrate, SEM micrograph of optical element is shown below, illuminated along the surface of the substrate. Under a microscope, it can be observed that the light is focused and converged.

SEM micrograph of Upright Plano-Convex Lens

Micro-Optical elements designed, optimized and integrated with other optical elements or as monolithic structures for various optical applications.

Example of optical system unique to technology are illustrated in picture.


Microscope image of light illuminating an array of upright Plano-Convex lens along the plane of the substrate. Light is focused and diverged by lens.

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